09 March 2008

Time Change - Funny Story

Robert and I were gone all last week in VA attending a conference. At the conference there were no televisions, computer hookups were not what we needed and time was just better spent doing other things. We didn't even get any news. Robert had arranged for my dad to come and teach this morning, knowing that he would have no time to prepare.

Then came Sunday morning surprise. My mom called close to 9:00 a.m. (actually close to 10:00 a.m.) and asked, what time do you have? I told her it was almost 9:00 and she asked, "Isn't this time-change Sunday?" I told her a confident "I don't think so." And she said, "Well we're on our way."

A few minutes later my brain did a second take and I asked the question to my husband, "is this time-change Sunday?". His response was the same as mine . . . an "I don't think so" followed by "we'd better check and see."

And lo and behold it was the 2nd Sunday of March!

So the pastor (Robert) and family (me and the kids) as well as the guest speaker (my dad) and wife (my mom) walked in LATE into a room full of people who were singing praise songs. Not the typical stressful situation it would be for many others . . . our church is a strong fellowship of believers who are really more family than anything else. But what it turned out to be was just darn FUNNY!

It's little things like this that keep life fun!!!


selahV said...

Kerri, this is funny! and I'm so glad you had a great trip. What happens next? selahV

jana dingmore said...

That is hilarious! I have had nightmares about that! I'm glad everyone had a sense of humor!

Kerri said...

Hi, My name is also Kerri.
I was just doing some journal surfing when I found your blog. Our church also supports missionaries to Brazil - the Spears family. When do you leave for Brazil?

This was a funny story. You should send it in to Reader's Digest and maybe make some money on it. :)

Phamilyof6 said...

Are you still ALIVE???? Didn't know you wouldn't post for 2 months. We miss you and your ramblings (that is meant to be a compliment even if it didn't sound like one). Let us know how the transitioning and everything is. What's your schedule again?

:) Jess

selahV said...

Kerri, I know you are busy getting ready for your people in Brazil, but I miss you. selahV