14 June 2008


I've been tagged (this has happened before - a sort of closest book to you page number thing). My friend Jana Dingmore in Georgia tagged me this time to spell out 6 quirks that I have. (Only 6?) Jana, let me add, is a friend from long ago whom I wish we lived closer so we could just hang out sometimes.

Here are the rules:
*Link the person who tagged you.
*Mention the rules in your blog.
*Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
*Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them

Six "unspectacular" quirks of mine would be as follows:

1. If I find toilet paper that has been put on the roller backwards, I have to change it. In my house, this never happens. But I have, many times as a guest in someones house, changed their toilet paper so that it rolls correctly over the top, out toward the person retrieving it!!!

2. I'm known around here (especially by my husband) as the "thermostat notzy". I like programmable thermostats that have the ability for four time settings. I possess this innate fear that my children go to bed hot if the thermostat is too high, but if it's kept lower through the night they will wake up cold. So from Katherine on (she's 7 now) the Texas summer-time upstairs thermostat starts at 73 at 8:00 pm, goes to 74 at about 1:30 am and then to 75 at 5:00 a.m. and is there for the day. (It's Texas, so the AC runs all night!) I've got to get over this one before going to Brazil, I know!!!

3. I had many years of little to no female friends. I grew up tomboyish and, for some reason, developed a stereotype of my OWN gender (rumorish, gossipy, critical and too emotional). Barring a few exceptions, I sought out friendships with boys. It seemed to work well for me. I am happy to report that this is a quirk (or really a flaw) I eventually developed out of. My husband is my dearest friend, but I have very dear female friends now and am blessed by this.

4. With the exception of occasional fasting prompted only by the Lord, I do not miss meals. I become very grumpy when I am hungry. When fasting is prompted by Him, He shows His power to me in removing this tendency, something I could never do!!

5. 80's music. It pops into my head SO MUCH! Something I hear, a circumstance that we're in, a person I see, and BOOM - -there it is . . . some song from the 80's. I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit brings Scripture to mind in many situations - - if it were nothing but 80's music, I'd be in trouble!

6. I used to be particular about the folding of linens . . . both towels and sheets. I have refolded the fitted sheet so many times because there is a perfect way to fold it. I learned this working at a Christian camp that maintained both week-long camping cabins and a retreat hotel for weekends. I folded a lot of towels and sheets on the hotel side of things. Of course, now I'm thrilled to have clean laundry folded in any half-tidy manner and put where it belongs!

Doesn't it make one curious about what "spectacular" quirks might be (the kind of quirks prohibited by the above rules)? I have one that I might deem as spectacular well . . . more of a personality flaw - - although it occasionally has a good side to it. And since I am one who likes to stretch the rules, here it is: It is that I'm overly adventurous and very spontaneous. That can be fun . . . but it can also be very crazy for my family. God put me with the perfect husband and children for such a quirk!

Now the hard part . . . coming up with the 6 to tag! I'm just going to list the blogs I read the most:

Laura (a close friend with a private blog, but she maintains a homeschool blog, too)
Jessica (missionaries who have become dear to us - - soon going to Peru)
Cam (missionaries in Brazil - -not too far from our ministry destination & a phenomenal blogger)
Tony (Rambling Prophet 1 & 2 - some of my favorite internet reading)
Pamela (we've never met, but I've been reading her blog for months - - missionaries to Mexico)
Harriette (my dearest Selah V in Oklahoma whom I love, but have never met in person)

Are you brave enough to blog your "unspectacular" quirks for the world to see?

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