08 April 2009

Quick thought on pride

Pride flies in the face of God’s glory more than any other wrongdoing. It is an absolute abhorrence to who God is. It is NOT a hindrance or obstacle to the glory of God itself . . . as if any malefaction of ours could in any way impede His glory. But it IS most certainly a total detriment to the one who possesses it because the prideful are blinded to the fullness of His glory and the sin that pride is causes separation from God. And we are all susceptible to it . . . we are all tempted by our fallen natures to be puffed up with pride - - to think more of ourselves than we should, and to desire others to do the same. What beauty there is in a life lived humbly before God - - and how lovely it is to look upon a brother or sister in Christ and see humility and, in turn, to see more of God’s glory.

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