14 January 2011

Update on the Hamiltons In Brazil

The people we are called to here are the Italian Brazilians. They are middle to upper class of southern Brazil with a very tragic story of abuse and hardship when they immigrated here in the late 1800's. These hardships are a key part of their culture. They are very devout catholics and a very closed culture (even to other Brazilians) and their numbers are over 4 million. Their socialization is historically limited to only relatives. They are an unreached people group with less than 0.5% evangelized. Portuguese is the spoken language of Brazil, but the heart language of the Italian families here is a dialect of Italian. We are just now to the point of Portuguese that we can begin focusing on the Italian language. Our work so far has consisted of establishing and then deepening relationships with the Italians.

We've done some gospel sowing but have learned that ears are closed to the truth outside of a trusted friendship-relationship. God has brought us in contact with some families that we are working hard to develop friendships. Doors are opening . . . one small crack at a time!!

We are so very appreciative of prayers. Because the culture is closed and much time will have to be invested, we sometimes feel discouraged. But God has undoubtedly brought us here at this time to be with these people.

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Laura said...

LOVE it that you are blogging again. Can't wait to walk through your post on confession. Love you and what God is showing you guys!