26 December 2007

A Wonderful Christmas!

This was a wonderful Christmas for me and our family. If we stay on our current schedule, it was our last Christmas in the states for quite a while, but it couldn't have been better.

Here's some things I loved about it:

  • that God loved us so much He became one of us, lived a perfect life and then chose to pay the price for our wrong-doing in giving His life
  • Christmas Eve with church family whom we love
  • Christmas Day with my parents who are so beloved and precious to all of us
  • Christmas Eve day of children opening gifts from our loved ones in Alabama
  • Christmas cookies that we made and decorated
  • how we did gifts . . . our family of six drew each others names and every one put a lot of thought into the gift(s) they purchased for their select recipient
  • our time together
  • the blessing of many friends who are so dear to us
  • hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • "What God Wants For Christmas"
  • hay ride and the chopping down of our Christmas tree
  • the loveliness of the tree all decorated and lit
  • the wonderful Christmas card given to Robert and I by my parents
  • Christmas cards we received from friends (especially the ones with pictures)
  • our family privately shopping for Christmas angels
  • our church family shopping for Christmas angels
  • our Advent wreath and the times we celebrated the first advent of Christ together
  • the Christmas pageant at our church
  • reading our Christmas books
  • my dad's steaks
  • learning about the "turducken" (a partially deboned turkey stuffed with deboned duck, stuffed with deboned chicken stuffed with stuffing) that my in-laws cooked for their Christmas dinner in Alabama . . . intriguing, isn't it?
  • the excitement of children at Christmastime
  • our children's expressions of love for God in their prayers, their songs and their art

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