07 July 2008

Contract Pending

Thanks to the many who have been praying for our house to sell. As of about 10 minutes ago, we have contract pending on our house.

What I love best about this is God. It's nothing for Him to bring a buyer in a very bad market to buy the house He has blessed us with these past 4 1/2 years. But additionally, He brought me to the place of faith to be able to say yes, we will go right now even if it means our house foreclosing. I had shared with a number of people (especially my husband) that I would not be willing to move forward in the process of orientation and then going to Brazil until the house was sold. This seemed enormously irresponsible to me . . . even wreaking of poor stewardship.

But He spoke so clearly to us that we were to go NOW . . . and it is ours to obey and then to trust no matter the outcome. Isn't it awesome to serve a God who brings us along to the place He wants us to be? If all goes well with the lending, the inspection, the closing - - praise God! If all falls through at the last minute and we head up to Virginia with house on the market and no way to make the payments - - praise God!


Laura said...

Yippeee. YeeHaw. Whoohoo. Hip-Hip-Hooray... and most importantly, Praise God! It is exciting to watch these details from the outside and see God's fingerprints all over.

We love you and celebrate with you!

heather123 said...

I think it will work out for the best for all of us. I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs. hope you have a wonderful day.


Cynda said...

Congratulations! God works in such incredible ways and with such impeccable timing! It is those little things that confirm you are moving in God's direction.

Kerri said...

. . . . and we are celebrating with you as well. Congrats again on the news of the job. Praying for God to lead specifically in all the decisions you will be making.

We're thrilled that you are buying this house . . . and I guess now you know that you're very much an answer to many prayers. I look forward to seeing you more before we head out of here.

You're blogging now! Sweet! I'll leave you a comment on your new post.