15 July 2008

What Are You Up To?

We are in the process of moving. Boxing, packing, getting ready for crating, inventorying and assigning value to EVERYTHING for insurance purposes. We are saying farewells, staying on top of the details regarding the sale of our house, garage selling, Craig's listing and keeping up with the Brazil visa application process which is as about as extensive as it gets. It's a whirlwind of a time, but we feel peaceful, blessed with the prayers and kind wishes of friends, sleep deprived for sure, but able to stay focused on the big picture. Exciting times and memorable times for sure. It feels like we're flying by the seat of our pants most of the time . . . a feeling I've become quite accustomed to and strangely even enjoy.

Sunday was our last day at Pin Oaks. It was a odd day, but a very good one as well. Many beautiful and memorable words were said to both Robert and myself. We have a few more farewells and a dire need to spend time with my parents who are almost as busy as we are.

The most bizarre experience to me so far is living in a house where so many memories have been made, but now stands almost barren . . . w/o curtains, pictures, many pieces of furniture.

Please keep especially our children in your prayers during this time of transition!!!! Times of closure are coming for them . . . last times to see certain people, certain friends, and certain places that are dear to them.

What are you up to? I'd enjoy hearing.


selahV said...

Kerri, so exciting to read your Exodus experience. I know all too well the leaving behind and recall with a sense of mixed joy and sadness the feelings we had when we left Owensboro, Kentucky nearly 5 years ago. I cannot believe it has been that long. I do revel in your anticipations and excitement. I pray for the peace and comfort only God can give in the separations you and your children will face.

When we packed up our house in Connecticut and pulled our children away from every relationship they'd ever known in their 10 and 7 year-old lives, it was so hard for them to adjust. I will keep your children in my prayers especially. God's blessings upon you all. selahV

Phamilyof6 said...

I am praying for you guys - HEAVILY! This is such an exciting, but yet emotional time for your family. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. If you ever need to talk or cry or vent, I am totally here for you and I have walked this road - just recently. Enjoy every goodbye! I pray God's peace will transcend this situation. I will be praying for your kids as they journey on this new life and time of transition. And also for your marriage - b/c Satan would love to destory it. Lots of love!

Anonymous said...


i came to this web sight to look up what you and your husband sold your home for, however, i must say that something else touched me. you guys have a real commitment to god's work. i hope you and your family have a safe time in brazil, and i hope you guys are able to touch the lives of the people there.