15 October 2008

On The Road Again: From Alabama to Texas

What will YOU be doing tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m? We will be driving to Tupelo, Mississippi for breakfast with kids in pajamas. After clothes, brushed teeth and breakfast in Tupelo, we will drive to Memphis, TN for gas and a potty break. After Memphis, we will drive to Little Rock, AR where we will eat lunch and go the the Little Rock Zoo!!! After the zoo, we will drive to Texarkana, TX where we will spend the night. The next morning we will leave at 7:00 to arrive in Bells, Texas in time to have lunch with my dad.

Our time in Alabama has been great . . . very memorable for us and the kiddos. We have more goodbyes to say here, and then onward to family and friends in Texas.

WONDERFUL news! - our visas have arrived. They are waiting for us in Texas as well. We hope to soon have a leave for Brazil date - - it will most likely be first week of November.


Cynda said...

So glad to hear about the house and your return to Texas. I'm sure a pilgrimage to Whitesboro will have to be made before you all leave for Brazil!

selahV said...

Kerri, I cannot believe you are almost on your way. Oh my goodness. Praise God. May you be ever held in the palm of His hand and may His angels encamp around you in every situation. selahV