15 October 2007

Blessings Abound

Here's some ways in which God continues to bless us on this journey of serving Him where we are now and journeying to where He wants us next:

  • The IMB has granted me 4 credit hours for the 60 hour requirement for long-term missionary service. (Robert must have a Master's degree from seminary (which he has), but I must have at least 60 hours of college. I had 50 hours from a Christian university that I attended, and an additional 6 that I got as continuing education while working at a Christian childcare as a director. The IMB granted me 4 hours for the work I did with Prison Fellowship Ministries. This is a huge blessing to me that I do not have to take a class or two while I'm homeschooling 3 of our 4 children! The 4 hours would have been at my cost since the 60 hour requirement is a prerequisite . . . another blessing!)

  • Robert has landed a second job to assist in our paying off debt and school loans. It's a full-time job, but only takes 3 days (Monday-Wednesday, 13 hour days). It is not a fun job by any means, but is a blessing . . . not a burden, and is only for a season. We're hoping that in addition to the income that will go toward eliminating our debt, Robert will have opportunities to share Christ with co-workers . . . outside of the church environment . . . engaging the culture in a way in which he encourages others to share their faith!

  • God blessed us yesterday through a dear friend at Pin Oaks. Her gift to us was a blessing that I could only describe as “God blessing our socks off” (one of my mothers favorite sayings).

  • In March Robert was told he most likely has degenerative disc disease and definitely had a herniated disc. He was in a lot of pain from it. He had to go to a pain management doctor who administered epidural injections to help manage the pain. Since our journeying into full-time missions, all shoulder and back trouble has vanished! (Missionaries have to meet certain BMI (Body Mass Index) standards, so Robert has shaped and toned up quite a bit.) I guess someone could assume that it is the building of muscle and the loss of extra pounds from tread mill exercise that has helped the problem, but we like to say God! Why would we ever assume otherwise?

The dentist who charged nothing, the Ford Escape selling after having it listed for one day, the ages of our children being so perfect and the timing of God's call coinciding with Robert's graduation from Trinity. . . all blessings. If someone had told me 3 years ago that we, as a family, would be right where we are, right now, I would have thought they were nuts! It's a good thing God leads us the way He does. He doesn't always do things the way we would like, but it's always what's best.

How is God blessing you? I'd love to hear it!

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