04 October 2007

An update of where we are in this process

We have submitted medical information for our entire family, submitted a dental questionnaire that was completed by our dentist, completed and submitted extensive personality testing for Robert and myself and have completed development questionnaires on our children. As long as I'm not deemed "crazy", all looks good!!!!

Now Robert and I are spending more time looking at specific locations all across the globe in which we may go. We have entered a phase in which we get detailed information about areas of the world. At the same time, we're getting a look at the inner-workings of the IMB.

I am moved by the number of people groups who have yet to hear the gospel, and also at the number of people groups who are years out, at best, to getting even parts of the Bible in their language. I don't say this in a derogatory way at all. So much work has been done. However there are sizable people groups tucked away in pockets in so many countries who speak a language or dialect that is virtually unknown and has never been written. Our hearts are quickened by opportunities to take the saving news of Jesus Christ to groups such as this.

At the same time, Robert and I are so very impressed by the lengths to which the IMB goes to get the gospel everywhere. The ways in which they are organized allows them to reach the absolute uttermost parts of the earth. They know where the lost are. They know the cultural and political boundaries of where the lost are. They know how to work within these limitations to get the gospel out. The training for missionaries to any such group is phenomenal. The IMB also goes to great lengths for children of missionaries. We are thrilled by this, and see many opportunities that would be phenomenal for our kids.

God is going to lead us specifically to one location . . . one people group. We are thrilled by it. Keep us in your prayers!

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jana dingmore said...

Still checking in and praying...glad to be on the journey with you!
Thanks for keeping us posted.