22 October 2007

Raising Children To Know God's Word

What can be more paramount than this? It starts with perspective. These are God's kids . . . not ours. He has blessed us in allowing us to be stewards over them . . . but make no mistake, they are His creation and they belong to Him.

Here's some things I do with them:

I go through the entire Bible each year with the kids. Where we are now: Moses has just died on the mountain (Mount Nebo) alone with God, and God buried Him. And we have started the adventure of Joshua and the conquest of Canaan.

We use, as our main text, the book by Catherine F. Vos entitled The Child's Story Bible. It's not watered down like so many other so called Bibles for children. I highly recommend it. Alongside it I choose particular verses from whatever part of the Bible we are in and we discuss them. We get out maps and our globe and see exactly where the Israelites are. It works very well.

Other verses from the Bible I bring up as opportunity presents itself . . . for an example of this, see my blog entry entitled “The Lord Is Special”. We also talk about verses that relate to behavior problems or behavior praises.

Another idea I hope to implement soon is an idea of kids pulling verses out of a hat. I'm going to write down the book, chapter and verse of certain “jewels” in the Bible on card stock paper. Then I'll cut them up and put them in a paper top hot. We'll rotate who gets to draw the verse out of the hat. It will be our special verse for the week for conversation (what does this tell us about God, what does it tell us about us), memorization, links to other verses/stories in the Bible, etc.

I would very much love to hear any of your suggestions on teaching God's Word to to children. What works in your family?

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