15 February 2008

Happy Birthday my dear!

Today, Robert Alan Hamilton is 40!!!

It's impossible for me to fully express into words what you mean to me my dear, but here is my feeble attempt:

You encourage me spiritually and personally in every role in which I am privileged to fill, both in and outside of our family.You are a wonderful husband and friend to me. You are fun, trustworthy, caring, helpful and loving.

You are a caring, nurturing and fun father to our four children. When I asked them what they love most about dad, some of their answers were . . . that he takes time to teach me how to play chess, that he plays Star Wars with me, and that he helps me get points for e-pets. All their answers, spoken with smiles and wide, loving eyes of adoration, attest to the time you spend with them individually and on their level of interest. You play with love, teach with love, discipline with love, and give our children the best hugs they will ever know this side of eternity. I love this about you.

You are attentive to the leadership of God, both personally and for our family as a whole. You lead our family in following God and you're willing to follow at any cost. Your heart is tender toward the lost and inexpressibly grateful for the blessings God so mercifully bestows on us as a family. I love this about you.

You are honest in regards to your struggles and shortcomings. You live transparently and are certainly not one to ever put on airs. You humbly worship the God of the Bible as a fallen, imperfect man who is living his life striving to please his Lord. You humbly teach in your roles as pastor and father, and you are not prideful. I love this about you.

You choose to do what is right, even when it is not easy, convenient or affordable. You are not consumed with how doing the right things will make you look to the eyes of others. THIS is what being a true man of God is about. I love this about you.

You are an actualizer who often sees things for what they are. You keep life in perspective rather than only seeing the moment, and you attempt to help me do the same! You not only accommodate, but join me in sometimes being adventurous beyond all reason. I love this about you.

You approach God’s Word with humility and have tremendous God-given insight into Biblical truths. Some of my favorite moments are those we spend discussing Scripture. I love this about you.

Outside of my salvation and relationship with God, you have been and continue to be God's greatest gift to me.


Happy Birthday my dear!


Laura said...

What a super post for a super guy. We celebrate today, too! You do have fire extinguishers in your home? Just thought you might need them before he begins working on those candles.

Love to you all,

Kerri said...

We actually did 4 candles . . . each representing 10 years. We have a fire extinguisher, but it's just a small one!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Robert! Sorry I am a little late. :)

The LORD bless and keep you.