10 February 2008

A Political What If?

I am opposed to McCain and will not cast vote for him (and this is not because Dobson said so - - my husband and I decided this long before Dobson spoke out - - AND, for those of you who are all over Dobson, lay off will ya? He's a very good man)

ANYWAY, here's my question. What if Romney forfeited, rather than just suspended, his campaign freeing up 298 delegates to realign themselves with another candidate? It's what he should do . . . and I feel sure he won't do this. But what if he did?


Clay said...

I agree about McCain, but what are our options? I don't honestly who to vote for.

If Romney vacates his delegates, it still won't give Huckabee enough delegates to overcome McCain. What I think would be great is if none of the remaining candidates (McCain, Huckabee, Paul) get enough delegates to secure the nomination. Then the GOP Convention becomes a free-for-all. This would be great just for the entertainment value. The convention would be hostile and dog-eat-dog.

The Texas primary on March 4 could actually be interesting this year, as we have the largest number of delegates remaining. The number of delegates given is based on the percentage won, and it's no guarantee that McCain will win here.

Maybe my guy Fred could pick up the delegates? Yeah, right.

And I've laid off Dobson, and everyone else for that matter. Though I still get hits for those two pieces I wrote.

Kerri said...

Ah! A free for all, now that would be interesting, wouldn't it? Amusing!!

My Dobson comment was not at all directed at you from "way while ago" when you gave him a slight scathing. It's really directed at a number of postings I've read just this last week that ridicule Dobson for his voicing of his opinion on the matter of candidates.

Robert and I have decided if it's McCain we won't be casting a vote at all for the race of presidency. We both just feel a strong accountability in the casting of our vote. That being said, we voted for Bush and that's not been pretty. I'm weary of casting votes for the lesser of two evils so to speak.