08 February 2008

A Typical Friday Night

I think I've mentioned before that we are casual PS2ers (surely you know I'm meaning PlayStation2). . . and by we, I really mean the kids and Robert. While Star Wars is the favorite, we now have Dance, Dance Revolution. My fun-loving hubby picked up this along with a dance pad just for fun at his supplemental job for almost nothing. Now I ask you, what is more fun than a device that brings the sound of Funkytown by Lipps Inc. back into the house? Here's a typical Friday night at the Hamiltons.

That's right . . . it's the 7 year old and the 7 days away from 40 year old attempting, with their feet, to keep up with the arrows on the t.v. screen while . ...

the 4 and 5 year old are playing chess.

The 4 year old lost, but good sportsmanship won out in the end.

There's also a 20 month old parading around the house demanding that every endeavor be centered around him, and then there's me . . .enjoying the show immensely, but also wondering how close it is to kid bed time!


Laura said...

Does that ever look like fun!?! The dance pad and the chess. How cool that your little ones like to play chess with one another. Samuel will be moving his pawns soon, too.

See ya tonight,

Kerri said...

Hey Laura,

The kids are learning the game of chess, slowly but surely (thanks to Robert). However an unsupervised game between Joseph & Elizabeth becomes a fun variation of pieces moving as they should (that's good) but with super powers and abilities that are just fun! And you're right, in no time at all Samuel will be moving pawns as well. For now, he likes to just eat them!

love ya,