11 August 2007

Counting The Cost

Today we shared news with our parents of God's calling and of Belgium. What wonderful parents we both have. Although I'm sure they were surprised by the news and that there must be a hint of sadness in the idea of son, daughter and grandchildren moving so far away, love and encouragement was offered to just follow God.

My husbands mom told him that she had always known that God would call him to mission work in another country. She said very confirming things about the strength of our family and how well suited she thought we would be for whatever God calls us to do. When Robert shared what she had said with me, we both were tearful (in a good way).

My mom said that the news was very exciting to them and that they would always want us to follow God wherever He leads. She added that following God is more important than anything.

We filled out an application for the International Mission Board and plan to submit it early this next week. We are so eager to learn more. When God calls us to do a work, it's hard to settle in to the idea of it taking time to get there.

Intermittent throughout the day I found myself joyfully counting the cost of what God is calling us to do. It would seem that the task of counting the cost would not be so joyful. Is this more evidence of God's calling? I have no reservations about selling our lovely home, of living in a small trailer to accomplish the paying off of all debt, of giving up any material things that we may have. I guess the most difficult part to leaving would be saying farewells to those who are so dear to me. My parents most definitely top the list. And then there is my brother and his family . . . my in-laws. And it will be difficult to say farewell to my dear friends that are my church family. Of course, in the world we live in of blogging and email, there is always a way to stay in touch. We are supposed to count the cost . . . and compared to the God we have and the life He gives us, no cost is too great. How could it be?

So I find myself relishing in the blessings that have been ours in living close to family and having such dear people in our church that we call friends. And I am resolved to not take these blessings for granted in the remainder of the time that we are here.

I know we are going. I'm not sure when yet, and I'm not sure where. What an absolute honor to serve God and for Him to allow us the opportunity to be ambassadors for Him. Everything about Him is amazing to me.

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