20 August 2007

An Itchy Twist on Yesterday's Entry

Yesterday I wrote all about my whiny questioning and the uncertainties I was feeling regarding God's call for us into full-time mission work overseas. Let me just say that a little perspective goes a long ways (see yesterday's entry).

Today I'll share two of my most unfavorite consequences of the Fall itself. These are based solely on my own personal experience of them. First of all, the pain of childbirth. Yikes! When God said to the woman that He would greatly multiply pain in childbirth, I wonder what exact denomination of multiplication He used. I've given birth four times, from which God has blessed us immensely with four very wonderful children. But I'm very glad to be in a position in which I will never have to do THAT again!!!!!

My second, most recent experience of the full terribleness of the Fall is poison ivy. We went to Lake Catherine in Arkansas a few weeks ago and camped there for a week with other family. We had a blast hiking the trails, fishing, boating, etc. I've been in contact with the plant poison ivy many times, but never contracted it until this trip. Now, granted, it is not painful like childbirth. But it is the itchiest, most drive-you-crazy predicament that I have ever experienced. I know what the plant looks like and plan to avoid it in the future.

There are many more consequences of the Fall we all have to contend with on a daily basis: the heart wrenching ability of others to reject Christ, sickness, death, toil, weeds, mosquitoes, this Texas heat (I have no reference, but surely it is somehow related to the Fall). And the list goes on.

So as I continue to scratch my ankles (of which I've finally reached a stage that they only itch in the evenings and when I get overheated) I'm happy to recount the promises of Jesus' return, and the future final defeat of the one who makes our existence here on earth rather miserable sometimes!

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