10 August 2007

Here Am I, Send Me

What an exciting day! God has laid on both Robert and my hearts and minds the desire to take His word to another country . . . where people don't know Him at all.

Robert is currently pastoring a very healthy, vibrant church. It is markedly different than most of the churches of this country. Members of this church give their relationship with God top priority. Out of that, God accomplishes genuine ministry and the drawing of unbelievers to Himself. It is a joy for us to be in a healthy church where true fellowship takes place, where God is genuinely worshiped and where believers are committed to following Him. There are no power plays, no facades . . . it's genuine people who genuinely love God and strive to please Him. On one hand, we're crazy to even contemplate leaving. On the other hand, these are people who would continue to do the same even if we were not here.

Here's the other astonishing thing of the day. As I was alone in our room (children upstairs playing) I was talking to God about us becoming missionaries to a foreign country. My mind was battling back and forth with it. And I finally said out loud to God, “okay . . . we'll be missionaries, send us to Belgium”. (Where “Belgium” came from I really have no idea.) At the same time my husband, who was preparing for his Sunday teaching at the church, thought “Belgium”. He went online and looked at the International Mission Boards website and there is a NEED for missionaries in Belgium. 1% of the population is Christian. ONE PERCENT!!! It is a new, exciting work where seed planting, discipling, mentoring and establishing churches is paramount. Our hearts are thrilled by it! Does it mean we're going to Belgium? I have no idea. We'll go just where He wants us to go.

Our children became curious this afternoon at what I was looking at and thinking about. I told them that mom and dad were thinking and praying about selling our house, leaving all our friends and family and going to a country where many people don't know Jesus loves them. I wanted to know what they would think about leaving grandparents and friends and toys and dogs behind to tell others about Jesus. Our oldest two (ages 5 & 6) immediately said that telling others about Jesus would be more important than any toy or house, and that we would always have our family and friends who love Jesus. And our youngest daughter (age 3) said “let's sell our house and learn a new language.” Then she began speaking what I will call Dora The Explorer Spanish.

So here we are . . . amazed and humbled at God's call for us to go. And what can we say but what Isaiah said . . . “Here am I, send me!” God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He's proven Himself faithful so many times in so many ways. We have no doubts. We have been adventuring with Him for years, and the adventure continues!!!

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KK Edgil-Hargett said...

Kerri, I am so excited! Mother and I were laughing last night about how many trips we think that Aunt Billie will be taking over the course of time...... We are praying for ya'll!