18 September 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad is 69! (Just kidding dad!) He's really 68. Robert and I, and the kids will celebrate with him tonight. I don't know how can I do justice to who he is and the dad he has been to me with only words. So I will just share some things I appreciate about my dad on this special day of his (which should have been declared a national holiday by now!).

My dad knows God

My dad has spent time in God's Word . . . studying it, teaching it, delving into the richest, deepest truths of it. The importance of being in God's Word, of knowing it, is weaved throughout his life.

My dad has lived his life following God. He has the tenderest heart for the lost and has made sharing the love of Christ with the lost of this world paramount.

My dad taught me about the steadfast love of my Heavenly Father by being the dad he has been to me. When I've made the worst of choices his love has always been unwavering. His acceptance of me through whatever successes or failures has been unshakable. His discipline throughout my entire life has been unquestionably from a heart of love. I have known those who have questioned the truth of an unconditional love of our Lord. I've never had to struggle with this . . . in part, because of my dad.

My dad is fun!

He's been fun his whole life. I remember jokes he would make up on the spot. I remember jigs he would dance for us. I remember pitter-pats and hunk-a-chaws. This is a dad who would get down on the floor with us and wrestle.

My dad is gracious and accepting

Throughout my life . . . of a little girl who loved dolls and dresses, to an older little girl who abandoned them all for love of horses, the outdoors and all things tomboy, to the teenage daughter who insisted on making her own mistakes, to the single adult who thought she knew so much and wanted independence, to the wife and mother of 4, and now soon to be overseas missionary. My dad has always been accepting of who I am and encouraging in every part of life.

My dad is father-in-law and “Pop” extraordinaire

He is loved and respected by my husband and completely adored by my children.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There is much more than I can put into words about this man that I am blessed to call my dad. We've got cause for much celebration today. I love you, dad, and look forward to seeing you tonight!

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KK Edgil-Hargett said...

Aren't Dad's the BEST? I hope that you had a great time with him celebrating his birthday!