11 September 2007

Spaghetti Night and Wasps!

Tonight we had spaghetti! There's not a clean face at the table. Take a look!

Dinner time is a fun time!

As for the wasps . . . I was stung by two this afternoon on my head while mowing the lawn. Luckily Robert was home at the time. I had an allergic reaction and felt very bad the remainder of the afternoon/evening. Katherine was with me when it happened and made a card that says "I am sad that you have gotin (gotten) stog (stung)." Inside the card our sweet artist drew a picture of me running from a wasp yelling "ahhh" and a picture of her standing by saying "Oh no". The best is the picture of the wasp. Then on the back is a drawing of her and I sitting on the couch. I have an ice pack on my head and we're holding hands! Her second drawing was of "a beautiful butterfly who saw the whole thing and then attacked the wasp when we went in". She is so fun and so creative.

Joseph, who doesn't even like the idea of coloring drew a picture of me. The first was of me smiling ("This is before you got stung."). The second was of me frowning ("This is you right now while you're hurting"). The third was another of me smiling ("This is how you'll look when you feel better").

Elizabeth drew pictures also . . . one of me and one of her.

They all drew pictures to help me feel better. So sweet!

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