15 September 2007

"What Makes Prayer Work?"

What Makes Prayer Work?” Does the title just hack you off? It sure did me. The Christian community is so full of consumers these days. You want to know why the Christian book stores are full of self-help books? All the how-to's of prayer and living the Christian life? Because that's what sells. Christians in America are self-centered. There are numerous books on prayer whose focus is what you can do to get God to perform. If you know God at ALL, the premise behind these books is nauseating.

So I pulled down my live bookmark to Focus On The Family today and I read the above title. I'll tell you that I was angry before I even followed the link. But I was delighted by what I found. Click on the title below:

What Makes Prayer Work?

Now while it seems a little one-sided toward prayer (I mean, come on, that's what the article is about) don't forget that God's Word is the means by which we know God. Read it, memorize it, talk about it, think about it, teach it, allude to it, submerge yourself in it . . . you can never exhaust it. Have God's Word open in your home . . . buy it on cd and have it in your car . . . put it on your computer (www.e-sword.net offers a free download of the entire Bible with all the translations you want, concordance, commentaries (always be careful with these), maps, searches, lists, etc.). Time in God's Word is how we develop the intimate relationship with Him. The practice of (or more accurately, the privilege of) prayer flows naturally out of it.

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