29 September 2007

A Heart For Teens

Long before Robert was called to pastor he and I concentrated our ministry efforts to reach teenagers. Robert served as youth pastor at two different churches. And among current ministries to families, men, women, and children we still very much have a heart for teenagers. I don't think I'll ever lose my love for and yearning for teenagers to truly KNOW God. The obstacles they face in our culture along with the uncertainties that just come as a package deal with the teen years make them vulnerable to so many things.

GodTube (the Christian version of YouTube) has a skit on it that is geared for teenagers. It lasts about 5 minutes and has no dialogue. What a phenomenal tool for connecting with teens. My hope is that churches everywhere are inspired by such effort and attempt reaching this very endangered group of children in our society. They are certainly targeted by satan; they should be targeted by churches and Christians as well.

Here's the link: GodTube skit for teens

Pray for the teens of our American culture. Do not judge them, but love them. Connect with them. Share Christ with them. Open your lives your homes to them. Pray for them!

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