29 September 2007

Sharing Snakes With Friends

We had planned to spend yesterday morning working in our house . . . (we're still staining wainscoating, putting up baseboards, etc.). Robert went out to the garage to grab a board and found a snake - - IN the garage. He has a very strong disliking for snakes, and so I caught it with some tongs and we put it in a plastic container with lid for the kids to enjoy. We did a little research and discovered that it is a Texas Rat Snake. For a non-poisonous snake, it was very aggressive. It struck when I caught it and it would strike at the kids through the plastic. Great fun for all of us . . . but not much got done in the house.

We kept the snake all day to show to our friends who were coming over in the evening for popcorn and games. They are dear friends and are a family of 6 just like us . . . only God has grown half of their family through adoption and fostering. (A very beautiful story.) An evening with them was like a breath of fresh air, for us and for the kids. We really had a nice time visiting and watching our 8 children play.

It was hard to not tell our news of God calling us to long-term missions. We have received wise counsel both from my parents and the IMB to not share the news with friends from our church until after the candidate conference which should be in March.

Here's some pictures of the snake!

BTW, the snake will be let loose this afternoon (in our shed out back where we have a constant mouse problem!)

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