08 January 2008

Beautiful Feet

That's right. I took a picture of my kids feet the first of this week. And throughout the week we're talking about what the Bible has to say about feet. It's fun, and I share it here not to educate anyone reading, but to just have something my kids and I can go back to and remember our talk of feet.

As an aside, I love the feet of children . . . especially babes. They are just wonderful to me . . . fun to play with and look at.

We started, of course, with the One whose feet were pierced for us. Psalm 22:16. It's a beautiful thing to see such young hearts so tender for the Savior who died in their place.

We talked of the woman in Luke 7 (v. 36-50) who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears. We talked of footwashing: a civility very common in those hot countries, where walking without stockings, and only with sandals, they needed washing. This was usually done by the servants of the house. Jesus had been invited to dine at the home of this Pharisee but had not been given water to even wash His own feet. We talked of the sinfulness of this woman, the love Jesus has for the lost and the example she set in worshiping. The extravagance of washing His feet with her tears and drying His feet with her hair, the extravagance of the perfume all for Jesus. She had no consideration for appearances.

We talked of Mary anointing the feet of Jesus with expensive perfume in the presence of many others at the home of the resurrected Lazarus (John 12).

We talked of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, illustrating His humility and setting an example of forgiving one another and serving one another sacrificially. (John 13)

We've talked of the "foot of pride" (Psalm 36:11); how God's Word is a lamp to our feet (Psalm 119:105); and a warning that there are feet who run to evil . . . who swiftly and hastily are eager for destruction (Proverbs 1).

Today we will talk of beautiful feet (Romans 10:15) . . . the feet that are shod with the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6) and bring good news of Jesus' love and forgiveness to the lost. We will talk of the promise of satan one day being crushed under our feet (Romans 16:20); And that one day we will be able to worship at the very feet of Jesus (Rev. 22).

And there's much, much more. . . many verses of God's providence . . . of His not allowing our feet to slip, not allowing us to stumble, putting our feet on high places, enlarging our steps so we do not fall, subduing enemies under our feet, and the list goes on, and on.

Have you noticed the trend as of late for (especially in the summer time) of feet that are pampered, manicured, adorned and even massaged? Not that there's anything wrong with any of this. In fact, this last summer I saw some very pretty feet. Although I quickly must add some if this is tied with our cosumeristic and self-centered culture.

I have feet that are, especially this time of year, dry and cracky. I have, what I like to call, chubby toes. I've never thought my feet are very pretty. And, in truth, I have never cared much that they are not.

But I want my spiritual feet to be lovely. I want feet that are shod with the gospel of peace; feet that bring good news to those who are oppressed by simply the fact they do not know the love of our Lord. I want my heart and my lips to be full of praise for the God who sets my feet on high places, who enlarges my steps so I do not fall and who keeps my feet from stumbling. I want my children to stand secure on the promises of God and I want the path of our feet to always be enlightened by the Lamp that is the Word of God.

All the while yearning for the day that satan is crushed under my feet and, most of all, the day that I may worship at the feet of Jesus.

It is my prayer for my family, myself and for you, my reader, that your feet be swift to do the will of God, that your feet carry you to share the good news of our Lord to those who need it and your path forever be enlightened by the Word of our Lord.


Laura said...

What an inspiring post and wonderful object lesson for your children!! I've got to tuck this one away for our devotions!

Can't wait until I can link my friends here (if you decide to 'go public')


Vicky said...

It's funny to me that you would post about feet right now...My girl friend posted a picture of her youngest sons feet yesterday morning...Maybe GOD is trying to say something to my heart...
Kerri, thank you so much for what you are sharing on your blog. I come here everyday and look for updates and I am praying for your family as you prepare to leave for the mission field. Check out
You'll love the picture of the feet and her scripture reference too.
Because of JESUS-

Kerri said...

Thanks for your comment. After we've made a public announcement of our commissioning I think I will "go public" for a season . . . until we're overseas anyway.
Elizabeth had a great time today and I hope your headache has subsided, or even better, that it's gone!
Love ya,

Thanks for your comment. That's funny that there's so much about feet right now. I have a friend as well who recently posted a picture of her littelest one's chubby feet . . . adorable. All of mine have had chubby feet and I've loved it.

Thanks most of all for you prayers. I'm so glad you happened the way of this blog, and that through you I learned of the Hostetter family and can pray for them as well.

much love,

QEIII87 said...

I just now finally got myself togather and am reading your blog. This post really inspired me today. In fact, I think God's taking me on a little trek of inspiration. It's easy to get in a rut and lose focus on Jesus and what he's called me to do. Just yesterday, I saw the movie, Amazing Grace, and, now, today I've read this post, all inspiring me to hold fast to what I believe in and continue in the path that Jesus has given me. I know I am alive to eventually change the world, in whatever small way, with His love. Anyways, a really long way to say "thanks!" and "I'm really enjoying your blog!" :-)

Kerri said...


Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you found some encouragement in one of my posts. I'm excited about the ways God has already used you to His glory in your life . . . and excited to see of the course of time how else He will continue to touch the lives of others through you.

love ya,

Dani said...

Stumbled across this post when I googled "beautiful feet" in preparation for a party I'm doing on that theme for girls in my discipleship group. I know you wrote it a while ago but WOW-- love it and thanks for these thoughts! I'm stealing them to preach to my girlies about! :)