28 January 2008

Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship

Yesterday was the day we shared with our church that God is calling us to full-time mission work in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Let me first share a little about Pin Oaks. It will be six years old this year. Robert is the founding pastor, and, truth be told, Pin Oaks was God's will, not ours. We wanted out of this area, but God told both our hearts to stay. And then through our obedience to Him, God began a work that He has continued to grow and bless in such a way that He, and only He, can receive the glory. It is a spiritually vibrant and healthy church. Everything about it is genuine. It's people are earnest in their desire to know, and please, and worship and serve God with their lives. It has truly been a joy, and will continue to be a joy to us . . . like a chapter in a favorite book that has been highlighted and marked and creased and corners folded over.

Having made the big announcement today, we're left with a mixture of emotions: from great excitement, privilege and humility in God's calling us to a new work - - to great sadness of heart at leaving the family of believers we love so dearly. The words of Paul in in the first part of Philippians 1 where he is expressing his affection for them and his thankfulness for their fellowship ring true in our hearts.

We are eager to go to the place that God has called us. We are eager to learn the languages and become a part of the culture where God desires to use us. We are eager to begin this new work for Him. But we are thankful, also, for the time we have had here and the few more months we will have with the brothers and sisters we love so dearly. The support, encouragement and prayers of our church family are overwhelming. It is a blessing, and joy upon joy.

All praise belongs to Him who has given us so great a salvation!


Anonymous said...


What a moving time in your lives right now. Knowing God spoke for you all to stay and now speaks just as clearly for you all to depart. Praise to Him with you and for you.

Our Lord grant the easiest transition possible during the next few months.

Grace. With that, I am...


P.S. Please make us aware if your blog changes, etc. We'd like to stay connected...

Kerri said...

Thank you Peter.

You and many others have been a blessing to me these past months. I will stay connected and invite you to be a prayer partner with whatever God calls us to do.

In His love,