02 January 2008

Speed Bumps and Potholes

We have, along with our IMB candidate consultant, developed a timeline that would most likely put us overseas in language school in October. (wondering where we're going? - click here) However, we have had some recent and some current medical issues which are causing the money that would be used for debt elimination to be allocated toward doctors, tests and a visit to the ER (which, as medical things always do, add up to an large amount). This would slow down our process of getting to the mission field. We do have medical insurance which is provided to us by the church, but the deductibles and copays will be hitting us hard and don't fit into our current budget.

So we have a couple of options. The first option is to delay our timeline. I don't know what the alternate timeline would be as of yet, but when I do, I will post it. The other option is to try and raise some support. With the International Mission Board we are completely supported through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our IMB support will begin when we are in Virginia for our orientation (August on the current timeline). But in order to continue on this timeline, we will need some additional support to cover the recent medical expenses and help with the elimination of some debt such as seminary and some past medical expenses.

So in the next few nights, Robert and I will be writing a support letter. We had been intending to write one anyway, seeking prayer support. But now we will share our need for financial support as well. Please keep us in your prayers. (This is an enormously hard task for me, but I'm blessed to be married to a man who, in a situation such as this, is good to ante up and do what needs to be done.)

I share this information on my blog not seeking financial support, but prayer support. Please continue in prayer for debt elimination and the selling of our house. And please add to your prayers our health, and that we would keep our eyes on the vision God has set before us and not get discouraged by the speed bumps and potholes along the way. And, as always, please pray for the people of Caxais do Sul, that God would condition their hearts for the gospel.

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The Phams said...

I pray that God will provide all that you need and quickly. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you won't step foot overseas one day sooner that God has already planned for you. :) Isn't that comforting?

And........there will be MANY more bumps in the road. I could tell you story after story. It was insanse. But we are here and you will be where God has called you - very soon. And this will all be a blur.