09 January 2008

Sharing Christ With Those Who Don't Know Him

Here is a useful post I came across today put out by Lifeway. It is viable research on the unchurched of the good ol' U.S. . . . what theunchurched think about church, what they think about someone sharing their faith, etc. all conducted by USA Today. I share it here on my blog for anyone who is interested in reaching the lost of our culture (that should be ALL of us)!

The emphasis of it is our being relational and sharing our faith.

Here's some methods for sharing Christ with others. It's enormously useful to be familiar with the methods, but the most important thing that God keeps impressing on my heart is to just know His Word and be led by the Spirit.

One Verse Evangelism - (The Navigators)
- good, very simple evangelism
method, but a little rewording needs to be done as anyone without Christ needs to be led to repentance. It might be good to add this where the word "trust" is discussed.

F. A. I. T. H. - a very good method and the training for the program is done very well. The only hang up is that it could be misconstrued in a way that makes it the "selling heaven" method. Lifeway has apparently re-vamped the training of this program and it was to be released in December. I have yet to see the new materials, but anticipate that it will be very good. The last training program was very good.

Romans Road - tried and true . . .this method has been around for a long time.

The Way Of The Master - street witnessing (to people you don't know) that seems to be connecting with the culture.

The Four Spiritual Laws - another method that claims great success

Evangelism Explosion - tried and true again . . . been around a long time . . . can, again, be misconstrued as "selling heaven" and seems to gloss over the repentance part a little. Faith/trust is key, but repentance is key also.

This list is by no means comprehensive . . . but just the ones I'm familiar with. And again, these are good tools, but they are only tools. God is teaching me that the most important thing is reliance on Him!

A word of caution . . .beware of any program that claims there is only one correct way, or even one most effective way, to share Christ.

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