18 January 2008

A Tale of 3 Stitches

My bolt and run, tough and tumble, pugnacious 19 month old boy got a trip to the ER yesterday and received 3 stitches above his lip. In short, he pulled a very small television down from a playroom bookshelf onto his face. From downstairs I heard the “thud” and came thundering up. This tough guy, blood rubbed all over his little face, was fine from the moment I picked him up. Nevertheless, the episode dominated the day.

Robert, who was testing computers at the time and whom I could only contact by text message, had to stop what he was doing and come home to escort Sam to the ER while I tried to continue our homeschool day.

Samuel, by the way was a trooper. God answered mine and my oldest 3 children's prayers to make this a very gracious ER visit. Samuel's behavior was remarkable and made it easy for Robert; and the nurses and doc who attended him were outstanding.

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