20 January 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary to my Mom & Dad!

This day commemorates 40 years that my parents have been married. Below I am pasting the surprise article my dad ran in the local paper that he owns.

All 40 years of their marriage they have devoted their lives to serving the Lord. What God has accomplished through them in the past 40 years amazes me. (and I'm not just referring to their survival of my teenage years !!)

I'm truly blessed to have them for my parents . . . my brother and husband would say the same.

Augghh! Intermittently throughout the day I have tried to convert the pdf I have of the article my dad wrote about their 40th anniversary to a jpeg so I could post it here . . . all to no avail. If I gain the know-how anytime in the near future, I'll return and add it below!!

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